I am Ana (Part 1 of 3)

Part 1:
There will never be enough time to do everything you love.

When you truly love something (or someone) and you do not have it/him/her, the mind, body, and soul discard their individual wants and collectively rebel to ignite an insatiable hunger.

Every single day I think about how to craft my next post. I expected that finding the time to maintain this blog would be difficult especially when mixed with my perfectionist tendencies. I often find myself in state of analysis paralysis when faced with the…emptiness…of white pages.

The empty pages reflect like a mirror and haunt me. Am I empty too? What I am coming to terms with is for me this whole blog thing isn’t a want – it’s a need. I need to document these memories to feel like I’ve done them justice. The comfort of the written word capturing every emotion at its…climax….before it’s too late. My life is not a blank book. Barter food for thought. Nourish the paragraph body. Spoon alphabet soup for the soul.

I am not empty.

I considered apologizing for the stream of consciousness (word vomit) that characterizes how I write – especially when I string together keystrokes in the Notes app on my phone while sitting delayed on a tarmac wondering if this is the time I’ll finally get hit by a hurricane (PS. Have you seen the Joaquin Phoenix meme? It’s pretty funny) – but then I realized that

I’m not sorry.

I am me and here I am.  Same girl. Better hair.

So cheers to September and felling full. Full of graceful aging, full of uncomfortable situations, and of course, full of copious amount of wine and over-priced spin classes (the two tend to go hand-in-hand).

Stay tuned for the next episode.

Meinalisawrites. Meinalisasmiles.

MeinalisafliesoutMondayMorning into 90 mph Joaquin (Phoenix).

Wish me luck 🙂