The Space Between

On my first day in Melbourne, I met a very nice lady who owned a lingerie shop. She opened the business with her daughter who also directs films in Italy. Her latest movie The Space Between is due to be released in 2 weeks and is based on the real-life story of how her and her lover improbably crossed paths in Italy, and the decisions that changed their lives forever.

I couldn’t help but think – another subtle sign from the universe to have met this women – and as much as I resisted relating to movie’s themes of coincidence and cosmic connection, there is something about being on plane that really takes your mind to that corner of the universe. So 13 hours with my head in the sky later (arguably longer depending on what you consider “the beginning”), here’s my poetic attempt at digesting WTF just happened over the last 4 days:

There is a Giant Elephant in The Space Between.

It’s not a She or a He but rather an It.

When you look at me, your daze lasts for a hot minute, before your concentration is focused back to It.

You’ve affectionately named It “Selfishness”.

I think It looks more like a



or “Self-Acceptance”

After all, It is not malicious. It’s intentions are pure and noble.

While most girls would feel like the third wheel, I don’t feel jealous.

In fact, I’m relieved that The Space Between has nothing to do with me, or her, or him and everything to do with YOU discovering what YOUR SOUL is so desperately thirsty for.

I deeply respect…The Space Between.

Breathe in clear, crisp air.

Think and act authentically.

Be nourished being alone.

Wander free as a bird and gather unique experiences.

And if The Space Between becomes smaller – by fate or by choice – and our paths cross to do what we both love or to share new experiences like swinging by a night stand.

I’d be keen.

For now, I’ll be like Taylor – writing about the boys I meet along the way while

I’m dancing on my own. 

Make the moves up as I go…

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