How to Spend 5 days in the Maldives when You’re Single

It’s true – the Maldives are stunning.

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…even when you have poor photography skills.

It’s true – It only cost me $200 of flights to get here and back to Belgrade (thanks Chase Rewards!) and an unavoidable $500 seaplane transfer. All the accommodations were free for 5 days thanks to my sugar momma Cari.

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Beach & Pool pictures per the request of my favorite diva – @allisonbrookeahr

It’s true – seaplanes are really cool, until you land and remember how easily you get sea sick…

It’s true – everyone keeps staring at me and my friend wondering if we’re lesbians because why else would we be in the Maldives?

It’s true – that if you just spent over 15 days in Thailand island hopping, no sum of money would be enough to make you want to go snorkel, scuba dive, or kayak.


It’s true – that means you end up watching 50 Shades of Grey and Finding Dory in the same 24 hour span because that’s what you do on a #girlymoon.

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It’s true – that those pictures and videos of us outside that we posted to social media were about an hour of trip, and the rest of the time we’ve stayed indoors because it’s tsunami season. Do your research!

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It’s true – that IDGAF because the whole point of being here is to do what I’m doing now – reflecting, reprioritizing, and catching up on REALITY.

It’s true – that we’ve talked about boys from last week, last month, last year. Yes, that means you.


It’s true – that we’ve talked about accepting (cherishing) that life would be just as, if not more beautiful if we ended up single forever because we refused to settle for people that didn’t make our hearts sing.

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Caption: Who needs a  when #overalls are so much more versatile?

It’s true – our hearts will break none-the-less, and we may be tempted to use social media or Tinder as a distraction. We learn to look within instead for validation.

The Rule: Swipe Right if you see a Remote.

It’s true – that I’ve stuffed my face and chugged champagne at the free breakfast buffet every morning – although today I admitted defeat and only had 1 mimosa + 2 plates of food instead of 4 mimosas + 4 plates of food.

It’s true – that we’ve made fun of the CHEEKY couple that stockpiles 6+ glasses of champagne at their table every morning.

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It’s true – that I’m working on my Aussie lingo – I’m not KEEN to eat, but it’s free,  I feel GUTTED after breakfast, and abbreviating words and adding a “-O” to everything. “I’ve got a Pres-o due this Av-o” (I’ve got a presentation due this afternoon).

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It’s true – that I’m obsessed with the photos Cari took at my Boudoir photo shoot at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore. We got upgraded to a “Personality Suite” which was based on a famous writer that used to stay there. There were 7 different shooting points. including a really cool desk with books he’s written.

Obv-o cropped, but you can see she does amazing work! Check her website out and hire her! You won’t be disappointed 🙂

It’s true – we’ve listened to every song from the 90’s since we both discovered that we have that love in common while getting ready to go out Saturday night in Singapore.

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It’s true – I’ve been myself. Ordering cheesecake at midnight and dancing to Bohemian Rhapsody alone. #nightshiftproblems

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It’s true – we’ve ordered and drank 6 bottles of wine in 3 days.

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It’s true – I haven’t showered in 3 days. Ugh, I keep telling myself I’ll do it after I work out, but haven’t gotten to working out…


#AllTimeLow when @biologicalhealthservices likes your post about needing to shower…

It’s true – I’ve spent a full day planning travel – researching the most hipster cities in Europe b/c I’m opting out of two months and want to breathe “gentrified” grunge, art, good coffee and food, and athletic men in skinny jeans and fedoras. Is that too much for a girl to ask for?

Yes. I keep 100 tabs open at all times and have 15,000 unread emails.

It’s true – I’m the queen of High Intensity International Travel (HIIT) and recently, won an award in our group for most likely to be gone on a weekend trip.

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Yeah, that’s a lot of people to choose from, and I won.

It’s true – I’ve been thinking a lot about if that’s an award I want to win – what I want this year to be about or if I should consider parking it.

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More of this…

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Or More of This…

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Or Even More of This…?

It’s true – that I don’t think my current role at my company is suited for a long-term digital nomad lifestyle. I want to be leaned on as a leader, and a big part of that is seeing my colleagues face-to-face, building deeper connections, and being mobile to travel within the US.  My heart is telling me to squeeze in what I can because this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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Working remotely from beautiful destinations – Koh Tao, Thailand.

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New experiences with lifelong friends. An Epic Full Moon Party pre-game in my favorite Airbnb ever. – Koh Phangan, Thailand.

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Mixing in some constants and never taking them for granted. My favorite sunset to date. – Railay Beach, Thailand @ The Grotto.

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And sometimes going solo to gain a different perspective. Sporadic trips to Australia to see the sun rise differently. – Melbourne, Australia.

It’s true – that I am the most fortunate person in the world to get to live this lifestyle and am eternally grateful to my friends, tramily, and company for giving me this opportunity.

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Taking a Girlymoon to discover the Love Within. – Raffles Hotel, Singapore

So ya – if you’re single and headed to the Maldives for 5 days – there is very little to distract you from your thoughts and emotions so be prepared to own up to REALITY.

Post inspiration – the amazing, open, and authentic – Will Bessette.  Thanks for always sharing your emotions freely. I’ll miss you and congrats on your engagement!

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Remote Year Flashmob Proposal –  Bangkok, Thailand.


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  1. My favorite line (in which I share the same sentiments): We’ve talked about accepting (cherishing) that life would be just as, if not more beautiful if we ended up single forever because we refused to settle for people that didn’t make our hearts sing. #samesamenotdifferent

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