Thoughts about Life After Remote Year

Thoughts from my head in the ☁️ about
Life After Remote Year

Dear L.A.R.Y.,

It’s been 3 months. I want to give you all my love like Alabama Shakes. But I can’t…

And it’s not because I’m playing the comparison game. Traveling the world was a once-in-a-lifetime experience – meant to be experienced once in a lifetime. Round 2 could never compare to the magic of the original. I have no desire to rinse and repeat.

Why so serious (not Joker-ing?)

My career is at a crossroads. I’m sort of homeless (albeit “used to it”). I met a boy I like but to follow his dreams means moving any day now.

Universe, can you throw a girl a bone?

No? That’s how life works…oh right.
(you are exactly where you are meant to be)

It’s frustrating because I see the potential for you and me. You are all of my wildest dreams rolled into one beautiful disaster – so close I can taste you, but so far I wonder…

Do you love me back?

(put my heart in a blender, watch it spin around into a beautiful oblivion)


Are you trying to find yourself too?

Ready to take a risk and walk to the beat of your own heart…like the rest of this city #SFHustles.

Every day I desperately crave to DO SOMETHING, MAKE IT HAPPEN, CLOSE THE DEAL, MAKE A CHOICEit’s eating me alive – but I need to be patient and trust the universe.

Accept that my purpose right now is to WOMAN-UP – own my worth, explore my options, and not to commit – without CLEAR reciprocation.

Apply to 40 jobs. (It’s not that bad)

Date 40 boys. (It’s not that bad)

See 40 apartments. (It’s not that bad)

Live on a couch. (It’s not that bad)

Maybe being HYPER SELF AWARE and setting the bar HIGHER is the only path to once-in-a-lifetime outcomes.

(re: currently writing this on a plane on my way to the Masters – a much needed reminder that my life doesn’t suck.)

Just because you have SO MUCH to give the world doesn’t mean you should. How are you spending that precious time and energy and with Who?

Let’s both take a look in the mirror and accept that you and I just need to take…things…slow…

Just because I don’t love you now doesn’t mean I never will.



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