Who is meinalisasmiles?

Note: strike-throughs denote a completed pivot into a new chapter of life 😃

Meina Lisa is a pseudonym for Mei Liu – a creative soul who currently resides in Chicago, IL a different city every month as she travels to 42 countries in a year (see the schedule here). San Francisco, CA. Seattle, WA.

Mei spends her days geeking out about the frontier of technology and absorbing different cultures through travel. She applies her two passions to create inclusive products that bring economic freedom to the world. She brings this mission to life by building financial, sales, marketing, service, community, and analytic technology solutions identity, security, and privacy experiences for a Series E crypto startup (Coinbase) Series B e-Comm and Identity startup (Fast.co).

When not blogging or coding being obsessed with creating products that people love to use, Mei loves being physically active. Before college, she could not run a mile without walking and disliked exercise. She conquered her aversion to working out while being a collegiate golfer at Northwestern. Although now retired from golf, she enjoys taking at-home in-person fitness classes (especially spinning) and training for marathons. Her next race is in Buenos Aires Marathon in October. As a side-gig, she would like to be a nomadic spin instructor somedaybringing energy and positive vibes into the lives of other people while traveling around the world. she teaches women about crypto through e-commerce experiences (#weworecrypto).

She is currently obsessed with all things e-commerce, identity, blockchain, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

She has a huge appetite for life and countless reasons to smile. Through this blog, she hopes you will smile with her.

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