Who is meinalisasmiles?

Meina Lisa is a pseudonym for a creative soul who currently resides in Chicago, IL a different city every month as she travels the world with 65 other diverse and talented people (see the schedule here). San Francisco, CA.

Meina spends her days being a total geek and travelista – gathering use cases and designing financial customer-centric (sales, marketing, service, community) and analytic technology solutions all over the US and internationally for a fast-growing crypto startup based in San Francisco.

When not blogging or coding being obsessed with creating tech that people love to use, Meina enjoys participating in anything and everything active. As a former collegiate athlete at Northwestern, Meina played golf for 4 years and picked up a passion for running. Although now retired from a golf perspective, she enjoys taking fitness classes (especially spinning) and training for races and is currently training for the Buenos Aires Marathon in October not signed up for anything yet (but would like to run the Great Wall of China Marathon in the near future). As a side-gig, she aspires to be a nomadic spin instructor someday – bringing energy and possible vibes into the lives of other people while traveling around the world.

Meina is a huge foodie and loves to experiment in the kitchen and try new restaurants.

Her current professional aspirations revolve around blockchain, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

Meina considers herself an extrovert – she gets her energy from being around others and loves doing things with her friends.

This blog is all about Meina and giving her a voice in the world. She has a huge appetite for life and countless reasons to smile.

She hopes you will smile with her 🙂

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