In case you don’t know, I just arrived in my 4th month on Remote Year in Bangkok, Thailand. When we transition to a new city, Remote Year hosts what is called a City Preview. It is an opportunity for us to learn some basics about the new city that we are in for the month (key phrases in the local language, where to grocery shop, laundry situation, etc.), meet the new city managers, and hear feedback from experience surveys that we fill out at the end of each month that help Remote Year improve the program for future classes.

Feedback from Cambodia:

“It was a very heavy month, but through having to face difficult topics like genocide and corruption, I learned a lot about myself and grew immensely as a result.”

“I learned how it feels to walk down the street and feel unsafe.”

“Pretty much unanimous – We hate all you KubVegans. #StopThisVeganShit.”

In case you don’t know (again! – because I’ve got some serious Carmen San Diego going on in my life right now), I have enrolled in my friend and fellow Remote – Kara Mosesso’s 4 Week Plant-Based Lifestyle challenge. This wave started on April 17 and finishes on May 15  and is a quick start to test drive a plant based lifestyle. Kara provides daily tips and interesting facts that have been super informative in dispelling all the myths that are out there regarding what is and isn’t good for our bodies. I’m a pretty big health freak and consider myself highly informed, but have been reading her emails daily because a lot of her content is even new to me.

Back to this Vegan Shit. Or rather Vegan Shift.

Why? There have been a lot “supporting” reasons for this change such as being grossed out by seeing chickens with broken legs in the market and then served on a plate for dinner, watching a fellow remote crunch through the bones and feathers of a boiled duck embryo, and oh that thing they call physical health. These are all good reasons, but the real reason I went Vegan is –

It’s fun to prove YOURSELF wrong.

I grew up in Texas surrounded by Barbeque, lost 25 lbs in college following a “healthy” low carb diet, and am the poster child for vampire-ism. #CarnivousAF.

“I couldn’t possibly give up meat and eggs and dairy for 30 days. No chocolate, No cheese, I’d rather die. I’m going to get fat eating noodles and starchy carbs for every meal. And WHAT ABOUT PROTEIN? How will I sustain working out without getting enough protein at my meals. What kind of sadist bans wine? Oh wait, you can drink wine as a Vegan? Okay maybe…”

I don’t give AF if you decide to be Vegan. In fact, nothing I could say here can change the deep-rooted personal beliefs that define who you are and how you live your life.

My only request is that you ask yourself – What do I believe in? Which beliefs are pushing me towards a more authentic life? And which beliefs are SELF-LIMITING?

In case you don’t know (Part 3), I now travel with 60 people on the regular. No one on this trip started out as a “travel blogger” but it’s the coveted Golden Snitch. It’s been interesting to see how different people perceive their worth and approach reaching their goals.

A) I am a travel blogger! I love to travel and write about my adventures on Remote Year.

B) I love to travel and write travel related blog posts. I am hoping that someone pays me to do this someday.

C) It’s my dream to be a travel blogger, but why would anyone pay me to travel and write?

Who do you think is going to make it in the end (A, B, or C)? In my experience, the key belief that differentiates people that do epic shit and people that stay stagnant is the former holds an indestructible belief that Life. Can. Be. Anything. You. Want. It. To. Be!

TRY IT. It’s fun to prove YOURSELF wrong. #Unstoppable.

Wait. This post isn’t about how I feel being Vegan or the results of this little experiment? Nope – I’m only two weeks in and will have to report back to you later 😉 .

For now, I will leave you to drool at #VeganFoodPorn.



Yes, Veganism is contagious.


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